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BOOK IT is a reading program which is sponsored by Pizza Hut.  The goal is to motivate children to read more by rewarding them for their accomplishments in reading. Children in grades Kindergarten (age 5) through 6th grade are invited to participate. The program begins in October and ends in March.


Homeschooling parents set a monthly reading goal for their children, based on age and reading ability, and monitor their progress each month. The goal may be a certain number of pages, books, or minutes read per day.  For the child who has not learned to read yet, or for those who have difficulty reading, a parent/sibling, etc. may read the book to him aloud.


If the child meets his monthly reading goal, parents present a pizza certificate which the child redeems at Pizza Hut for one free Personal Pan Pizza.  He also receives a BOOK IT button and stickers, as available. Coupons are good for October 1 through March 31.


All those interested must register in June for the following year. After the deadline, registrations can be added only as long as Pizza Hut has extra coupons.


To register for this program, you may call toll free # 1-800-426-6548 and give your name, address, and number of participating children.  You may also visit their website at:  All Book-It! Materials are free and will be mailed directly to participating families by Pizza Hut.



DEPC (Down East Partnership for Children)


The Down East Partnership for Children (DEPC) in downtown

Rocky Mount makes available to CHARM members a teacher workroom, a lending library of resources, and a children recreation area.  The annual membership is paid by CHARM so members who choose to participate, i.e., those who have signed the agreement on the CHARM application, may do so at no charge to them.


Here is a list of some of the resources:


Teacher Workroom

Ø     Laminating machine – 7 feet free laminating each visit or 75¢/ft. over the limit

Ø     Ellison die-cut machines with a large selection of shapes and letters

Ø     Free supplies while in the workroom (a variety of colors and types of paper, poster board, etc.)


Lending Library

Ø      Excellent selection of theme boxes, checked out for a week at a time

Ø      Small library of preschool and elementary school level reading books, videos, educational toys, manipulatives, and parent-teacher resource books. (Check out time lasts a month and items may be renewed).  A late fee of $5.00 will be charged on items not returned on time.


Children’s Recreational Areas

Ø      A state of the art playroom is available for children under six with an adjoining recreational room for use by older children.

Ø      An outdoor playground available with 3 large and 3 small picnic tables, a walking track, sandbox with toys, several slides, and climbing areas.


Important Rules

Ø      CHARM is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  Members are directly responsible to the DEPC.

Ø     Resources are available by appointment only, Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.  Call 985-4300 to schedule an appointment.

Ø     Theme boxes may be checked out only after attending a 2-hour workshop (dates to be announced by the DEPC).

Ø      No children are allowed in the Teacher Workroom.

Ø     Certain rules regarding adult supervision are required for the playroom and the playground.  Please inquire about these before reserving these areas.



Various homeschooling activities are offered through the Y. Please contact the Y for more information.

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