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Each family must serve on at least one committee per year.

If committee members do not participate in the planning of events for their committee, the following steps will take place:

1.      The committee chair will attempt to contact the committee member to advise that participation is required for CHARM membership. If the member does not become involved, step 2 will be followed.

2.      The Executive Committee Member assigned to this group will attempt to contact the committee member. If the member does not become involved, step 3 will be followed.

3.      The committee member will be removed from the CHARM loop until member becomes involved. If the member does not become involved, step 4 will be followed.

4.      The committee member will be removed from the CHARM group.


This sale is usually scheduled in the spring after the homeschool expo.  This sale is strictly for educational items only: new and used curricula, books, educational games, toys, and DVDs/CDs/videos.  Vendor space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and is open to CHARM families, non-CHARM families, and commercial vendors who primarily sell educational items.  The curriculum/book fair is open to the public.

This committee is responsible for organizing the yearly curriculum/book fair.  Coordination entails scheduling the date, obtaining space to have the sale, soliciting and registering families/vendors, advertising, and setting up/tearing down the tables. 


The CHARMer newsletter is published to inform members of activities, events, and other important information.  The editor, along with an assistant, is responsible for gathering and processing information into an attractive format and getting the newsletter printed/emailed to its members monthly from September through May, except December.  The deadline for receiving ready-to-print articles from chairpersons and other members is the 15th of the month prior to publication.  For example, information to be published in the November newsletter must be received no later than October 15th.  The goal of the editor would then be to have the newsletter to the Executive Committee for approval by the 25th of the month and then published to the group by the end of the month.  The content of the CHARMer is at the sole discretion of the President and the Executive Committee.

  • All advertisements must be educationally related.  Members may advertise in the CHARMer as approved by the Executive Committee for free.  Non-members may advertise for a fee of $10/month.

  • Any Scripture submitted must come from the following translations:  KJV, NIV, NASB, or NKJV.


The Leavening Agency provides a 5-day drama camp. Participants have opportunities in the areas of music, art, and acting as a part of camp.  Preparation for drama camp begins at the beginning of a newschool year with securing a date and signing a contract with the Leavening Agency.



This group plans age-specific activities geared toward the younger members of CHARM (preschool–Kindergarten).  Early Homeschoolers attempt to meet once a month and events will be announced through the CHARM

Loop email and CHARMer newsletter. 

Siblings are welcome to the events unless otherwise noted in the announcement. 

The Early Homeschoolers committee plans, announces, and implements all Early Homeschoolers activities. 


Email is the preferred method of transmitting updates, changes, and other time sensitive information to CHARM members.  It is also a convenient way to network with fellow homeschoolers and receive NCHE legislative news and event reminders. 

The coordinator is responsible for keeping the CHARM email loop up-to-date.  She will input and maintain the email membership list, updating as necessary.  She will also serve as a monitor to assure message content guidelines are followed.

Any member can posting a message to the group by typing in the “send to” box.  If you have a question whether an email is appropriate, refer to the guidelines below:



     Acceptable educational posts:

- Announcements should be educational in nature

- CHARM committee announcements

- Extra-curricular events (classes, museum happenings, state park events)

- Activities benefiting homeschool families (workshops, speakers, co-op invitations)

- Curriculum discussion and selling of used curriculum

 Acceptable non-educational posts:

- Prayer requests from CHARM families; include "Prayer Request" in subject line.

- Personal items for buy, sell, or trade on weekends only. In subject line, note “buy,” “sell,” or “trade.”

- Inspirational items related to homeschooling

- You may ask for referrals. Include your e-mail address as responses should be sent directly to the person making the request and not to the CHARM email loop.

      What not to post:

- CHARM committee planning

- Business ads that do not provide educational services. (Please see the business section of the CHARM directory for a listing of non-educational services provided by our CHARM members.)

- While it is acceptable to announce activities that benefit homeschool families (workshops, speakers, co-op invitations), organization of these events should be conducted off-loop.

 "Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt,

that you may know how you ought to answer each one." Colossians 4:6

 Email is a means of communication for educational-related information and encouragement and a forum for discussing homeschooling questions, etc. Misuse of the loop may result in removal from the email group.


Explorers group includes all K-3rd grade members of CHARM.  This group provides educational outings, tours, and events. Siblings and parents are welcome to most events unless that event is capped. The Explorers committee members plan, announce, and implement all Explorer events. 

The Explorer chairperson will inform participants of place, time, and location for events. Explorer activities should be announced on the email loop and in the CHARMer.



A Field Day event will be held each spring to allow the children to participate in several outdoor field events.  These events may include, but are not limited to, a sack race, relay race, long jump, tug of war, Frisbee throw, obstacle course, etc. Ribbons or certificates may be awarded to encourage the children.

The committee chair is responsible to secure the place and date for the event and must have the information to the newsletter and email loop by the 15th of the month prior to the event.



The field trip committee is responsible for organizing monthly field trips. Each member of this committee is responsible to plan one field trip per school year and  to  submit the information to the CHARMer no later than the 15th of each month prior to the field trip. The committee is also responsible for sending notes of appreciation to persons, businesses, or facilities when applicable.

At times, the number of children allowed on a particular field trip will be limited and pre-registration will be required.  In these situations, reservations will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional fees may occasionally be necessary as well.

Please do not invite non-CHARM members to attend CHARM sponsored field trips.  You may encourage prospective CHARM members to attend CHARM’s beginning of the year social.

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children on field trips.  Participants will be representing not only our support group but also homeschoolers at large, and it is important that we maintain a positive image with others in the community.

The following guidelines for field trips are suggested:

1.     Parents, please set a good example for the children to follow by paying attention to the program or speaker.

2.     Children are to stay with their parents and not congregate together where the likelihood of loud or boisterous behavior would be increased.

3.     Infants and very young children are welcome on field trips (except in some very special cases which may be limited to upper age students). We ask that crying babies be removed if they cause a disturbance or distraction.  This is particularly important during a class or presentation-type field trip. 

4.     Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the field trip is scheduled to begin.  Be prompt!

5.     A parent or designated adult must be present at all CHARM events that his child attends and is thereby fully responsible for the child.

6.     CHARM and its leadership cannot assume legal responsibility for the actions or negligence of CHARM members on field trips or any other group activities.  Parents are fully responsible for their children. 



CHARM seeks to augment our finances by procuring additional funds through programs available to schools and homeschool groups.  These include but are not limited to the following:  BOX TOPS for Education, Harris Teeter’s Together in Education, and Food Lion’s Shop ‘n Share. The fundraising coordinator needs to knowledgeable about what is involved in the various programs, be able to communicate and promote them to CHARM members, and be responsible to collect and complete the necessary items/forms to receive the funds.

All homeschooling families are encouraged to participate in these programs by saving Box Tops, linking the CHARM ID# to VIP cards at Harris Teeter, and providing Food Lion MVP numbers on member applications.  The more participation, the more funds, and the more CHARM will be able to offer!


The Geography Bee committee will plan and organize a geography bee for CHARM students.  Early in the school year the committee will choose a reference guide from which all the questions for the bee will be given.  The committee must meet to set rules for the bee and to set the chosen study requirements for each grade group.  The committee will plan the place, time, date, grade group divisions, and study requirements for participants.  The committee will set a date and announce it well in advance to ensure that students have enough study time.  The committee will ensure fair and honest judging and provide certificates to participants and prizes to winners.  The chair will send a written thank you to the host location contact person.


Various events are planned exclusively for CHARM’s teen students. Activities may be planned every other month or more often if the committee sees fit.  Possible activities include:

                  Skating                            Game Day (Board Games)

                  Movie Night                     Service Day (Yard work for elderly, etc.)

                  Bowling                           Putt Putt

                  Volleyball at Sonic            Tennis/Basketball at the park

                  Canoeing                         Teens-only Field Trip, Class


This committee is responsible for planning the activities and ensuring that all activities are well supervised by adults.  The committee will secure places and dates for the events and notify CHARM members accordingly. 


 The Homeschool Expo is an event for potential and current homeschoolers.  The Expo will include opportunities for the following: previewing curriculum; meeting educational service providers; and attending informative workshops.  Topics may vary from year to year.

The committee involved in planning this event is responsible for location and setup; listing vendor and curriculum displays; planning workshops; and publicizing the event.



 The CHARM International Fair is a fun adventure in geography.  The participant chooses a country to study and presents information the night of the International Fair.  Some of the events of the evening may include a procession of flags, informational presentations, and a covered-dish meal of native foods.

All wishing to participate must notify the International Fair Committee in advance to reserve a country to prevent duplication. 

The committee must maintain a sign up list, secure a suitable place to hold the event, and get the information to the newsletter by the 15th of the month prior to this event. 



For the purpose of networking, a directory listing of all current member families is provided and includes the following: addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and curricula used. 

This committee enters the directory information into a database and provides it to the website committee.  The website committee provides a link to the directory accessible to CHARM members only.  The information in the directory database can be used to compile reports for the purposes of helping meet the needs of CHARM and its members.



The mentoring committee’s purpose is to provide encouragement and information to new families.  The mentoring committee will meet periodically with new homeschooling families to answer questions and offer encouragement.


CHARM leadership feels it is important to offer a venue to inspire, encourage, and motivate mothers, the primary homeschooling parent. Each year we choose a book related to homeschooling or parenting and meet 

mont hly to discuss the book.



This committee will plan a yearly event to encourage the homeschooling mom.


The Parents of Homeschooled High Schoolers committee’s purpose is to provide advice, ideas, experience and focused discussion on all areas pertaining to homeschooling during the high school years. This committee will plan periodic discussion groups to answer questions and offer encouragement.


The party committee is responsible for planning parties that appeal to all age groups throughout the year for CHARM members only. Members may be asked to pay admission to certain events or be asked to bring refreshments.

The committee is responsible for scheduling a beginning of the year social in August/September and end of the year in May/June. The beginning of year social is open to potential homeschoolers and CHARM members; an informational session on homeschooling and getting involved in CHARM is held prior to the social.

The Chairperson is responsible for delegating duties to other members, staying within the allotted budget, monitoring all expense reimbursements as per guidelines, and assuring that appreciation notes be sent to appropriate facilities.

Each person serving on this committee is responsible for helping plan and carry out one of these yearly parties.



The Science Fair is an opportunity for homeschoolers to show the group what they know about a particular science topic.  This event is only for the homeschooled CHARM members of the family.

 Participants may display a collection of items (for younger children), do an experiment, or display research findings. Such displays may include a story board, models of items discussed (e.g., Solar system), pictures, diagrams, and books or magazines used for research. Participants will also deliver a 3-5 minute presentation concerning the project. Any further guidelines will be communicated to those who sign up.

 Students may consider using the Scientific Method as their outline:





         Data analysis


The committee may decide to provide judging, prizes, and/or certificates of participation.  Refreshments may be served.  The committee chair is responsible to secure the place and date for the event and advertise the event.


The CHARM senior graduation ceremony will be held during the month of May.  Participating families may need to pay a fee to help cover the cost of the event and will be expected to present a diploma from their own homeschool.  CHARM will not issue diplomas.

The committee will work together in organizing and planning the date, time, location, and program of the CHARM graduation ceremony. The committee will be responsible for contacting and meeting families of all CHARM graduating seniors to convey information about the event. The chairperson is responsible for sending notes of appreciation to persons or facilities, as appropriate.


A Spelling Bee will be planned for CHARM students during the school year.  Early in the school year lists of words for different grade levels will be available to all CHARMers interested in participating.

The committee will choose from various spelling bee resources and provide the information to interested students.  They will then meet to decide on the rules that will guide the spelling bee. (e.g, students have only one chance to spell the word correctly, practice rounds will occur at the beginning, the administrator will use the word in a sentence, etc.).  These rules will then be communicated to the participants in advance of the event.

The committee will choose a date and facility and then inform CHARM members via newsletter and email of plans several months prior to the event to give participants time to study and prepare.

The committee may choose to provide judges, certificates to participants, and/or prizes to the winners.  The chairperson will send a note of appreciation to the facility where the event was held.


 The Supply Clerk is responsible for purchasing, storing, and distributing paper good and supplies for CHARM events.


The Talent show and Art Fair is an opportunity to encourage participation and enjoyment of visual and performing arts. Participants may only be homeschooled CHARM members.

Visual arts to be displayed may include, but not limited to:




-Crafts including stitching, sewing, needlework, paper mache, leather, wood, glass, pottery, origami, jewelry, to name a few.

Performing arts may include, but are not limited to:

-Singing, playing an instrument

-Short dramatic presentations (mime, pantomime, and dramatic storytelling)

-Recitation of memorized literature, poetry, Bible verses

-Magic, comedy, clown acts

-Sports, gymnastics, dance routines

-Martial arts demonstrations

-Juggling, balancing acts

A judging, prizes, and refreshments may or may not be provided, according to committee’s wishes. The committee chairperson is responsible for securing a place and date for the event and for sending a note of appreciation to the facility as appropriate.


Group testing using a nationally standardized test is made available through CHARM.  Traditionally, CHARM has chosen to administer the CAT (California Achievement Test) through Bayside Testing Service. Testing time is usually late March or early April.  Tests will be administered according to the guidelines established by the test publisher.

All families participating in group testing will be expected to help. 

Members must pay an additional fee to cover the test itself as determined by the testing service utilized.  CHARM will usually pay for the additional expenses of testing, unless otherwise determined by the board.  Additional fees (if any) will be stated well in advance of the registration deadline.

The chairperson and co-chairperson are responsible for promoting, organizing, and administering a nationally standardized test each spring, in accordance with NC state homeschool law and test publisher’s instructions. The chair and co-chair will work together to choose a date and begin announcements via newsletter and email to members in the fall.  They will also secure a testing site, a list of volunteers, and registration forms from all those interested.  They will then order the tests.  In advance of testing time, the chair and co-chair will be responsible for organizing volunteers (mom, dads, grandparents, etc.) to administer the tests, proctor in the classroom, and staff the nursery for preschoolers whose parents are volunteering.  When test results return in the spring, the chairperson will mail the results to all participants.


The Tween group includes all 4th-8th grade members of CHARM.  This group provides educational outings, tours, and events. Siblings and parents are welcome to most events unless that event is capped. The Tween committee members plan, announce, and implement all Tween events.   The Tween chairperson inform participants of place, time, and location for events. Tween activities should be announced on the email loop and in the CHARMer.



It is the goal of CHARM leadership and the website coordinator to have an easily accessible website available for anyone desiring information about CHARM. Much information is available online (some is member-only accessible): member applications, the monthly CHARMer, CHARM’s member directory, the handbook, committee listings, group testing registration, etc. 


A CHARM yearbook is produced at the end of the school year; it highlights photos of CHARM students and many of CHARM’s events and activities.  CHARM allots a budget for materials used to create an attractive, print-ready yearbook, but it will be necessary for those who desire copies to purchase them at a reasonable rate.

The Yearbook Committee will produce the yearbook, lay it out in an attractive format, design a cover, and prepare a final copy for printing.  Once printed, the committee will distribute the yearbook to members who ordered one.  This committee requires much time and effort.  Parents and teens are encouraged to volunteer.


This committee will manage, promote, schedule and organize the date(s) for portraits taken for the yearbook.

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