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The Down East Partnership for Children makes available to CHARM members (by appointment only) a teacher workroom that includes a lamination machine, a large variety of die cuts, a lending library with books and theme boxes and a children’s recreational area.  By signing, I am indicating that I would like CHARM leadership to provide my name to the Down East Partnership for Children (DEPC) in order to use their facilities and resources.  

I understand that use of the resources and facilities at DEPC is contingent upon my abiding by the policies of that organization.  I will ask DEPC staff to clarify policies as needed.

I am responsible directly to the Down East Partnership for Children for any DEPC materials that I borrow or use that become damaged, overdue or lost.  I will not hold the Christian Homeschool Association of Rocky Mount, Inc. liable for any such costs incurred by me or my homeschool.

COST: CHARM, Inc. has paid the fee. All current CHARM members may utilize the resources of DEPC free of charge, IF you sign this form.

SPECIAL NOTE: If, for whatever reason, you do NOT want to be associated with DEPC or you do not wish to use their resources, simply do NOT sign and your name will not be provided to them.


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